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Clinical Nutrition

Empowering Strategies to Improve Function & Successfully Manage your Parkinson’s!

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Medical Advisor
Dr.Geoffrey Leader MB ChB FRCA Dip ION

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Clinical Nutritionist
Lucille Leader Dip ION FBANT CNHC Reg

How to Best Manage your Parkinson’s!
Empower Yourself with Positive Action Tools!

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  • How to have the best response to your Drugs?
  • How to minimise your Off-Period with L-dopa?
  •  How to easily improve Bowel Function and support your Microbiome?
  •  How to have more Energy?
  • How to manage your Stress?
  •  What is the most helpful Diet for the neurological condition?
  •  How to improve your Sleep?
  • What is available if you cannot Chew and Swallow easily?
  • Special Exercise aspects?
  •  What Laboratory Tests are important to establish cellular needs?
  • When Nutritional Supplements are indicated for the individual?
  • What is the essential Multi-disciplinary support for Parkinson’s?

You will leave these highly informative and motivating presentations having empowered yourself with practical strategies and plans to improve function, manage symptoms, improve response to medication and optimize overall quality of life whilst embracing a new sense of hope and feeling of wellbeing.

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