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Clinical Background

Lucille Leader, is an international Award-winning Nutritional Therapist. She has been honoured with the “Quality of Life in Parkinson’s Award” in the USA and the “Outstanding Practice Award” in the UK.

  • Working in collaboration with a Patient’s General Practitioner, Neurologist, Biochemist, Microbiologist, Speech Therapist and other Healthcare Professionals, her mission is to assist patients to function as best as they are personally able.
  • Lucille Leader is particularly interested in biochemically-based nutritional support of patients with neurological degenerative disease, at cellular level. In Parkinson’s Disease there are diverse nutritional aspects which influence metabolism. Her work as a Nutrition Practitioner recommends the way forward for each individual, based on their personal biochemical individuality, established by medical and biochemical laboratory tests and clinical history.
  • Her past experience has included serving as the Nutrition Director of the London Pain Relief and Nutritional Support Clinic which used to function at The Highgate Hospital in London UK and the Parkinson’s Disease Integrated
    Nutrition Clinic.These clinics, with the inspiring vision of its Medical Director Dr Geoffrey Leader, were an early pioneer of the integrated, team approach to the management of chronic illness, with a special interest in the management of Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.
She is author, co-author and editor of successful books including

Lectureships have included the Nutritional Therapy MSc degree course at CNELM (accredited Middlesex University, UK), BSc courses at Westminster University and the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, in the UK.

She has delivered many lectures on the nutritional aspects in Parkinson’s Disease to Parkinson’s Disease support groups in The United Kingdom, South Africa, Austria, Croatia and the United States of America.She has also lectured to health professionals and has been interviewed by the BBC and SABC Radios. She has published in medical, para-medical, nutritional and health support journals including the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA), The Motor Disorders Journal, The EPNN (Nurses) Journal and that of The Parkinson’s Society of the Czech Republic. She also runs private tutorials for paramedical and medical professionals.

Parkinson’s Disease Congress presentations include:
The World Parkinson’s Congress in Scotland, Meeting of the Minds Congress in the USA, The Parkinson’s Disease Congress for Nutrition and Sexuality in Vienna, The European Parkinson’s Disease (EPDA) Congresses in Italy, Portugal and Croatia and in London.

Lucille Leader has been honoured with a PRO “Quality of Life Award for Parkinson’s” in The United States and the CAM (IHCAN) “Outstanding Practice Award” in the UK.

Lucille Leader is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine in London, UK and is Council Member of its Food and Health Council. She is also a member of the The European Parkinson’s Disease (EPDA) Expert Review Panel.

Memberships include the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), CNHC Registration and The British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM).

Author / Editor Details


She is co-author of the book Parkinson’s Disease – Top Tips to Optimize Function
ISBN-10: 0956172237 – ISBN-13: 978-0956172235 (Denor Press, London, UK) The “Top Tips” offered in this user-friendly book, are distilled from the many years of successful clinical experience of the authors, working together with their pioneering Parkinson’s Management Team, in London, UK.
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Revised Third Edition 2017 Edition
Parkinson’s Disease – Reducing Symptoms With Nutrition And Drugs
ISBN: 978 0 9526056 4 5 (Denor Press, London, UK) This 2017 Third Edition is available now. It is a revolutionary and exceptionally user-friendly book designed especially for Parkinson’s Disease Suffers, their Carers / Partners, as well as Health Professionals.
The ISBN 0 952 6056 9 4 of the same title has the identical text.
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She is editor and co-author of the book Parkinson’s Disease – The Way Forward! ISBN: 0 9526056 8 6 (Denor Press, London, UK)

Given a special accolade by the late Pope John-Paul II. This book inspired the “Quality of Life in Parkinson’s Award” in the USA.
PARKINSON’S DISEASE – Dopamine Metabolism, Applied Biochemistry & Nutrition ISBN: 978 0 9526056 6 9 (Denor Press, London, UK) Buy Now: Click Here

“This book is a modern, up-to-date view of the biochemical background of Parkinson’s disease. It uniquely presents the application of individualised biochemically-based nutritional science to clinical practice. It will be of great interest to clinicians, nutritionists, students and people experiencing the symptoms of Parkinsonism” – Dr Nicholas Miller MA MSc PhD csCi MCB FRCPath
MEDICAL COLLABORATION for Nutritional Therapists
ISBN: 978 0 9526056 5 2 (Denor Press, London, UK)
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Co-author of the Italian book – Morbo Di Parkinson – Suggerimenti Nutrizionali ISBN: 88 85852 31 9 (Pythagora Press, Milan, Italy) in collaboration with Dr Geoffrey Leader, Professor Aroldo Rossi and Professor Lia Rossi Prosperi.
Co-author, with Dr Geoffrey Leader, of the book Parkinson’s Disease – The New Nutritional Handbook ISBN: 0 9526056 1 9 (Denor Press, London, UK). It is out of print but has been included, updated and replaced in the newly revised book, published in 2017, entitled Parkinson’s Disease – Reducing Symptoms With Nutrition And Drugs (Denor Press) ISBN: 978 0 9526056 4 5. Parkinson’s Disease – Reducing Symptoms With Nutrition And Drugs 
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Articles for Nutrition Journals include the Journal of the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA), The Parkinson’s Disease Society of the Czech Republic, the EPNN journal on Stress management in Parkinson’s Disease, New Pathways (Multiple Sclerosis journal), The Nutritional Practitioner, and The ION Journal.

Interviews by the Media in South Africa and the UK about her specialised nutritional management of patients with Parkinson’s Disease.